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Extra Curricular Programs

Never-ending Learning Fun!

Extra curricular programs are designed to further enhance a child’s learning and development, while giving them the opportunity to explore an interest further. Kindred Spirits Day School is offering after school programs to help make Extra Curricular programs more affordable and convenient, while complimenting what students are already learning at school. Photos from our Winter Session can be found below.


For the upcoming Spring Session, we are offering four (4) programs for a variety of age groups and interests. Families are welcomed to sign-up for multiple programs or none at all, as Extra Curricular activities are 100% optional. We are also aiming to add an extra curricular program in the area of Athletics; however, we are still in the process of securing a gymnasium. If you are interested in Athletics, please reach out to Melinda via email.


Families who partake in after care will not be charged for after care on the day of an Extra Curricular program you are registered for.  After care will only be charged on days of the week where the student is not in an Extra Curricular program.


For any questions or concerns about the Extra Curricular program offering, registration process or ideas for new programs, please reach out to Melinda via email. Your feedback will help us to continue to improve the services we provide, and ensure we meet the unique needs of each student.



Step 1 – Submit a request for registration 

Step 2 – Receive an email confirmation and invoice from either Melinda or Vanessa

Step 3 – Pay invoice

Step 4 – Receive an intro email from the instructor with further details


Spring Session Programs

April 3rd - May 26th (8 Weeks)


Enrichment – STEM Makers in Nature (Ages 5+)

Mondays, 3:45pm – 4:45pm

$250 + HST

Minimum – 6

Maximum – 10


Enrichment – Creative Kids Art Program (Ages 5+)

Tuesdays, 3:45pm – 4:45pm

$250 + HST

Minimum – 6

Maximum – 10


Drumming Circle (Grades 6+)

Wednesdays, 3:45pm – 4:45pm

$250 + HST

Minimum – 10   

Maximum – 14

Stop Motion Animation (Ages 8+)

Thursdays, 3:45pm – 4:45pm

$200 + HST

Minimum – 8   

Maximum – 12

Program Descriptions

Enrichment – STEM Makers in Nature (Ages 5+)

Instructor – Ms. Kasia (Harmony Learning Studio) 

Constructive arts and engineering projects that focus on creative building and problem solving. Children will learn and apply building techniques, explore strong structures, simple and complex machines, as well as identifying properties of different materials.  We will utilize and creatively explore LEGO, loose parts, construction and woodworking materials, and recyclables.


As the weather warms-up, our STEM Makers will also take their learning outside to explore the world of STEM in the great outdoors. 


Please visit:  for more information about our approach and philosophy.  

All materials and equipment will be provided for this program, and the program will be hosted in the school house.


Enrichment – Creative Kids Art (Ages 5+)

Instructor – Ms. Kasia (Harmony Learning Studios) 


Fusion of drawing, painting, sculpture and crafting. Children will learn about and apply the elements and principles of design while exploring a variety of artistic and hand-building techniques. They will experiment and understand how to use different tools and mediums. 


Classes will include creative prompts to open up mental flexibility, direct teaching of art techniques for skill building, and creative, high quality projects they can be proud of. Children will build confidence in their ability to turn their imagination into reality and represent their ideas in many formats. Classes will end with a community gallery walk where children learn to display and communicate about their artwork. 


Please visit  for more information about our approach and philosophy. 

All materials and equipment will be provided for this program, and the program will be hosted in the school house.

Drumming Workshop (Ages 6+)

Instructor – Ms. Terri (Rhythmic by Nature)

Rhythmic by Nature’s hands-on, interactive, educational and recreational Drumming Program will harness each student’s creativity and individuality in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment. Students will be introduced to West African Hand Drums (Djembe), World Percussion Instruments and learn about the integral role that drumming plays in cultures around the world.

Each workshop incorporates hand drumming technique, developing a repertoire of ensemble rhythms, collaborative and leadership building rhythm-based activities through movement, voice

and music.

No previous musical experience is necessary to participate, and all instruments are provided by the facilitator.


Health & Wellness Benefits of Drumming:

  • outlet for physical activity

  • safe container for self-expression

  • reduces stress

  • strengthens resiliency

  • fosters a sense of belonging and community

  • develops student leadership skills

  • increases self-esteem


Stop Motion Animation (Ages 8+)

Instructors - Code Ninjas Newmarket


Experiment with video production through a variety of mediums including Claymation, LEGO® Minifigures, pipe cleaner creatures, and much more! This program is being offered by the instructors of Code Ninjas in Newmarket, who will be instructing from the Kindred Spirits school house.


Student Ninjas will capture images frame-by-frame and produce videos in a rapid prototyping style. They will work independently on their videos and collaborate in teams during the entire design process, under the direction of their Master Ninja instructors.

Athletics Skills & Drills (Ages 9+)

Instructor - Mr. Dale


This program will be focused on providing the athletic fundamentals to students in a gymnasium setting. It will touch upon the areas of athletic performance, hand/eye/foot coordination, agility and conditioning work, and basic knowledge of multiple sports. 


The winter session will include the following sports, as well as other team games that will support progression in Athleticism:

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Soccer


The Athletics Program will be held at a local gymnasium, equipped with all of the items needed to facilitate a complete athletic program experience for our students. Please note that this does not include transportation to the gymnasium after school. The administration team will work with participants to coordinate a carpool, and all students will need to be picked-up from the gymnasium at 5pm by parents/guardians.


For this program, please also note that students will need to come prepared with athletic wear and shoes. All water bottles will be refilled before leaving the school, and an extra snack will be provided.

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