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Fundraising Portal

All in the name of Community!

As a not-for-profit school, Kindred Spirits will be planning and executing an annual Fundraising Campaign to help with the funding of various school-wide projects and initiatives. Funds raised will go toward infrastructure enhancements, special workshops, school supplies and books. As a school community, our goal is to provide our students with the very best education that is both experience-rich and holistic.



What Are We Fundraising For?

The fundraising campaign for the 2022/2023 school year will be focused on four (4) specific areas, as follows:


1. Our Library Collection – Even with over 1000 books already on our shelves, our wish list is another 500 deep. The wish list is a combination of book requests from our teachers as well as some of our older students. We also need to enhance our non-fiction section to better assist with research projects the students are working on.

2. STEM Lab / Maker Studio – We’d like to convert part of the school house into a STEM Lab / Maker Studio. This will include buying furniture and supplies to outfit the studio. We will be reaching out to parents with a list of small loose parts and supplies needed, but there will still be a lot more to buy. This is part of our science and mathematics program, and will allow us to introduce early engineering concepts to all of our super creative students. We aim to create experiences with a deeper meaning, that will enhance the students’ learning even further.


3. Art / Handwork Supplies – Our students absolutely love both art and handwork, so we’d like to support this with the ability to replenish our supplies cabinet to continue this program. This will include introducing multiple different mediums to enhance our learning, as well as bringing in specialty guest teachers and running workshops. Handwork has also been instrumental in helping our students find a deeper level of focus, which is why we would love to continue this activity throughout the school year.

4. Gym Equipment – As we continue to grow our Physical Education and Health Wellness Programs, we’ll need to order supplies and equipment to support these initiatives, as well as mechanisms to help us organize these materials. We’re also hoping to get the kids over to a local gymnasium on occasion, with school transportation included. This is especially beneficial during the winter months at our current school house.



Fundraising Thermometer - March2023.png

The goal of our complete fundraising plan is to raise $12,000 to help us achieve all of these goals.


Fundraising Activities

The following is a list of planned fundraising events and campaigns that will go toward supporting the 2022/2023 projects listed above. If parents have any additional ideas or experiences that they would like to share, we are happy to hear them and brainstorm further with you. This is truly a community effort!

Branded School Wear


Every sale of our branded school wear helps in our fundraising efforts. So far, we’ve raised $550 from this initiative. Another order form will go out in January for those families looking to add some school wear to their children’s wardrobe. We will also be selling some of our most popular pieces at the Winter Market in January.

Holiday Wreath Fundraiser


In December, our Grade 8 students sold evergreen wreaths, made locally from a farm. Each wreath sold contributed $12 to our fundraising efforts for the school year. The Grade 8’s even hosted a holiday pop-up shop that sold hot cocoa and sweet treats from the garage in the mornings. This project helped our Grade 8 students to truly embrace their Business Math unit by putting their learning into action, and provided an opportunity for empowerment. The goal for this event was to raise $650 for our school library, and the Grade 8s were able to surpass that goal with a total of $695 raised.

Winter Market


Our Winter Market on Saturday, January 21st, will be a fun-filled day for the whole family, and we invite our school community to extend the invitation to friends and family. Activities will include a Children’s Market, raffle, marionette shows, scavenger hunt, bake sale, hot chocolate stand, group art project, artisan market, and more.


Funds will be raised via admission ticket sales, and some select activities such as the BBQ, bake sale and raffle. This year's event helped us raise almost $3,000 for the school. A special thank you to our event Parent Leads - Erika Butcher and Kelly Bonhomme for everything they did to make this event such a success.

Warmth and Weather Affiliate Link


This is an affiliate link with a supplier of 100% wool winter gear, in which the school receives 10% of sales donated back to our fundraising campaign. Our group rate also includes FREE shipping for those who order from our school - Shipping Code is: kindred22 

The following is the Affiliate Link to place an order:

First Aid Kit Sale


Need a first aid kit for your home, office or car? We are partnering with Canadian Safety to offer fully-stocked first aid kits at a discounted rate. Each First Aid Kit sold will have 15% of the proceeds donated back to the school.


Order forms for this will go out in early February! 

Mother’s Day Flower Baskets


To help our school community celebrate our amazing mothers, we’ll be selling Mother’s Day flower baskets, that the kids themselves will be making (with the help of an expert of course). Baskets will go on sale in advance of Mother’s Day, with four (4) beautiful colour combinations to choose from. 

There will be a limited quantity available, and we'll need the help of our community to make sure we sell them all!


Spring Community Festival


We will be hosting our first annual Spring Community Festival in May, which will include a host of activities, treats, bouncy castles, BBQ lunch and more. It’s an opportunity to bring our community together again to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Stay tuned for more details on this event! If you're interested in being the Parent Ambassador Lead on this event, please contact Melinda via email.


Call for Volunteers

Are you hoping to volunteer at the school for any of our planned fundraisers and events?


We always need volunteers to help make our goals possible, all in the name of creating something truly special for our children. We need volunteers to help execute on the events and planning, as well as a Parent Ambassador Lead for each initiative. If you’re interested in volunteering or leading an initiative, please contact Melinda via email to coordinate.


Our Parent Community is amazing!


Thank you to everyone who has volunteered their time thus far - we couldn't have done this without you!  I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we are moving quickly to make things happen at Kindred Spirits and it’s all thanks to our very special school community. The way everyone comes together is magical to say the least, so thank you!

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