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Your Child's Education, Reimagined

Creative Class

Our Story

We've personally witnessed the need to and importance of creating a learning environment that better fosters growth with love, compassion, respect and inspiration.

We ask, why not just allow children to learn in an environment that respects their individual needs and gifts? Perhaps it’s the responsibility of the educators to think outside of the box, and find creative means to bring learning into everyday life experiences.


This is the inspiration for Kindred Spirits Day School, and the essence of our overall mission - to provide a holistic educational experience that is adaptable and responsive to the individual needs of each student, while also providing a deep connection to nature.

Our Mission

To create a connected and conscious learning environment that is centered around the changing needs of our children – fostering free-play, interactive learning and individual growth.

Letter from 

the Head of School

Welcome parents!  Welcome friends!​

I've always dreamt of creating a school; a place that I, as a parent myself, would be proud to send my children. A place where my children can truly be themselves and foster their natural gifts. A place that better responds to the individual needs of each child, with kindness and a sense of community.

Kindred Spirits Day School is a reflection of all this and more, and I'm so very happy that this dream is finally becoming a reality. For parents such as myself, looking for a better option for your child(ren)'s education, I personally welcome you to learn more and explore the possibility of our school. I'd also love the opportunity meet with you personally, and demonstrate for you the passion that is driving this initiative for reimagined education.

I'm just a mother on a mission, aiming to provide a new option for families who want something more.

M DeNicola
Kids in Vegetable Farm
Child Doing Art Activity

The Kindred Spirit Difference

At Kindred Spirits Day School, we strive to be more than just another private school.

We aim to be a community of learning that empowers the youth of today, by bringing together academics, life skills and personal development.

Life Skills
Personal Development

Students are taught academics through an experience-rich curriculum that promotes inquiry and a deep love

of learning.

Students further enhance their learning through lessons focused on teaching

life skills such as cooking/baking, 

gardening, budgeting, etc.

Students are exposed to lessons that consciously help them to develop a deeper understanding of self and our connection to the world around us.

Vegetable Picking

Our School


"It takes a village to raise a child"

This well-known African proverb indicates that an entire community of people must interact with children, for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment.


At Kindred Spirits Day School, we strongly believe in the importance of commUNITY, fostering a deep sense of belonging, collaboration, confidence and respect. As a result, we ensure parents are consistently involved in and aware of our learning, and welcome the sharing of our gifts to help achieve an even deeper level of knowledge transfer, in a safe and loving environment.

Share Your Skills with the COMMUNITY

Learn more about our Skills Exchange Program, allowing parents and other family members with the opportunity to contribute to our learning community for a credit on your child's tuition.

Laughing Kids


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